Portofino...Take a Quick Tour

   What's all the fuss about Portofino?

Love um or hate um, Portofino Condominiums has caused a stir on Pensacola Beach since they came off the drawing board. Fast forward and the plans that were presented by Levin & Rinke years ago have been put in place. Interesting that all the artist renderings have been transformed to actual buildings and landscaping.

     No matter who you ask, everyone has an opinion about Portofino. Rather than taking sides please look at Portofino as an opportunity to own beach property on Pensacola Beach in an upscale atmosphere that we previously never had.  Take a look at the layouts above that to place where any condo is located in the five towers. Association fees at Portofino are below.

 Just pick out where you want to be and at what price and we can probably find a good fit.

Currently there are 29 condos listed at Portofino.

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